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About Us

1. Geriatric health services management, placement and consultations- open to all counties in SFO bay area and the Sacramento area, including the peninsula, north bay and south bay and also open to families living outside of California.

2. Geriatric Health Services consultations- worldwide

3. Program building

4. Public speaking and presentations

5. Coaching

Our Ideal Customer

An elderly, family member of elderly, hospital, home health, hospice, skilled nursing facility, elder law attorney, fiduciary, home care services, ombudsman, APS, healthcare systems, national and international and global organizations, governements, institutions, nonprofits, for profits, newschannels, realtors, magazines, any media newsreporter....

As we offer multiple services and hence we can help a wide target audience.

Appreciate the opportunity to serve anyone!

looking forward to so very much.

Thank you once again

Best regards

Our Team
Purnima Sreenivasan from Health Aim Inc.
Purnima Sreenivasan
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