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New or existing businesses, large or small, that want IDEAS to go with their printing and web design needs. In the past year, we have helped over 10 small businesses open their doors and/or increase revenue growth.

About Us

Minuteman Press of Wappingers Falls is a full-service Marketing, design and print center. But WE ARE DIFFERENT from other "printers' in that we use our owners 24 Years of Corporate Marketing experience to generate iDEAS to help your company grow.

How We Got Started

Always wanted to own my own business and build something from the bottom up. Is it a challenge? You bet, but that's what makes it interesting and also helpful to our local community.

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These custom made note pads are pink and will have your logo or name at the top, so everyone knows you are doing your part to help. Pads come in bundles of 6 pads of 50 pages each for $11. Some of the proceeds of the sale will go to the breast cancer society. So call today and mention Alignble
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These custom made note pads are pink and will have your logo or name at the top, so everyone knows you are doing your part to help. Pads come in bundles of 6 pads of 50 pages each for $11. Some of the proceeds of the sale will go to the breast cancer society. So call today and mention Alignble

Logo Design and Brand Building

New or existing businesses, do you need to create or freshen up your image? We specialize in creating logos that communicate your brand clearly. You give us the message/image you want to convey and we do the rest! Don't gravitate to "the cool factor", make your logos work for you!!

T Shirts, golf shirts- silk screen or embroidery- No minimums on some items

We have added the ability to produce T-Shirts, Aprons, Sweatshirts etc on site. This means- NO MORE MINIMUM ORDERS on certain items. We can also do screen printing or embroidery

Website Design and Build

We can recommend, design & build the best website possible to meet the demands of your business. We will ensure that the website is user-friendly, as the more clicks a customer has to do the less successful the website.

Marketing Consulting Services- with Direction9 Consulting

WE ARE PROUD TO PARTNER WITH DIRECTION9 MARKETING CONSULTING to offer our customers, even more value than our competition. If you are a small company or a large corporation we can help with many marketing questions and/or planning. How do you know if you need a Marketing Consultant? If you...

Full Color Digital Printing

We are fully equipped to handle any printing job that you need done. We print in high definition full color on a variety of papers. Things we print: -Business cards -Flyers -Signs (big and small) -Posters -Banners -Books -Manuals -Tickets -Catalogues -Mailings -Etc. Whatever your...

Minuteman Press, Wappingers Falls, NY

We offer a full range of printing and advertising capabilities. Discounts always for ALIGNABLE members. We can often meet or beat the prices of online vendors like Vistaprint and we offer FREE DELIVERY. Put a human face on that next print job and let's support each other by "BUYING LOCAL"...
Businesses We Recommend
Dennis and I met last week and I can say that he inspires trust very quickly. He is not pushy, but is knowledgeable and does educate where you need him too. I would recommend him for sure.
My friend Melissa opened this salon about a year ago and I can tell you that while working with her to get the doors open, she is one wonderfully pure person. She cares about her customers and has that way about her that makes you feel comfortable right away. Highly recommend, based on character alone.
Support Local Business
Great customer service and interaction. They have been doing business for 10 years in the local community, that is a great accomplishment
Because they are part of my ALignable community
Dr. Cohen is awesome! I hate the dentist usually but Dr. Cohen has the touch of an angel. Very gentle and kind. Makes me relaxed and comfortable every time.
Dawn is awesome. Her program for personal training is not just about the physical. She ties the brain and heart together for a comprehensive training.
Dave and his crew have done work on my Mercedes and my Daughters early 2000 Honda. They did a great job on both cars at a reasonable price. When it comes to automotive repair trust is everything and I trust these guys
Great Ladies there!! Personable and professional. Great spot for guys like me to get something different for our ladies for a gift.
Everyone should know what you do and take an interest in the history of the town. Just so you know we do offer 10% discount to non-profits, so let us know if you ever need anything
This is a great place to stop for casual drinks after work or go for a nice change of pace dinner. The food s creative and tasty, AND real Tapas.
Emil is an outstanding marketer who understands the intricacies of strategy. He is also a good leader as he is fair and respectful and can find the things that motivate each of his people
Cathy and her staff are simply wonderful to deal with. I have had only business dealings with them as I am not in their demographic, but I can say very honestly that these women care. The store has a welcoming presence and the items are not all consignment, Cathy carries many brand new items in PRISTINE condition. Stop by and say hello, you will be treated with dignity and respect.
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