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About Us

Pets Naturally...Prevention is the best medicine

Pets Naturally urges everyone to help their pets experience wellness in all aspects of their lives.

We're all about prevention. Prevention starts with having safe effective products and easy to understand pet health information you trust on your side to help you keep the pets you love happy and healthy looking young and as handsome as ever.

Because we know your pets deserve only the best. At Pets Naturally, natural for us isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. A healthy life requires sound nutrition, daily exercise, regular preventive care, and an emotionally safe and calm home with people who cherish the love and companionship and accept the responsibility of caring for a pet.

A stressed or frightened cat or dog will not be healthy, nor will an animal lying around the house all day eating an improper diet be healthy. Disease and wellness both come from within, and a pet living a healthy lifestyle in a safe healthy environment will be less often sick, many pets will not get sick at all.

Our goal is to help pet lovers take greater charge of your pet's health.

For me, this work is deeply personal. I want to offer you products that I want to give my own pets. I want to wake up every morning optimistic about the direction our business is heading. I want to see your pets get healthier and stronger by experiencing wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Pets Naturally-The only side effects are health effects!

How We Got Started

My deep-heart bond with dogs began over 50 years ago with my first puppy Baron. Baron died at 18 years old, I was 24. It was one of the worst days of my life.

My life-long love for dogs has led me down many different paths. From force-free training and animal control to rescuing, fostering and sheltering numerous abused and neglected animals from strays and pets from abusive homes and backyard breeders, to dog fighting rings and "pet mills".

My passion for natural preventive pet health care and animal nutrition comes from my mother's love of cats.

We all have a choice. Be part of the solution, or be part of the problem. We at Pets Naturally want to be part of the solution: that's why I started this business. I see no better way to make a positive change than by offering the pet lovers we serve with pet health products that are simply good and good for their beloved pets.

Our Ideal Customer

Our mission is to empower pet owners with the natural pet health and nutritional healing information, resources, and the support they need to adopt a complete natural healthy lifestyle for their beloved pets.

Our Team
Erel Blinn from Pets Naturally
Erel Blinn
E-commerce Store Owner
Products & Services

DentaSure® Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray & Gel (2) 4-oz. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

DentaSure® Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray & Gel. Made in the USA with human grade Certified Organic Alcohol-Free ingredients. It's pleasant tasting and requires no brushing. *DentaSure® quickly breaks down plaque and tartar buildup to whiten teeth *Works under the gum line to help heal...

Ear Cleaner for Cats & Dogs 2-4 oz. Fine Mist Pump Buy 1 Get 1 Free

EarMist Herbal Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner by Natural Wonder Remedies 4-oz Fine Mist Pump is the quickest and easiest 100% natural triple-action formula for cleaning cat and dog ears made in the U.S.A. with Organic, human grade ingredients. Easier than ear drops or powders, yet safe and effective. ...

Digestive Enzymes for Dogs & Cats

Core health starts in the core of your pet's body, the digestive system. Poor quality food, stress, and normal aging all contribute to imbalanced intestinal flora, leaving them vulnerable to "unfriendly" bacteria and other toxins that can cause big problems. Help bring your pet's digestive system...

Dog Wormer & Parasite Cleanse 40 Capsules Ea.-Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

FourGuard Herbal Dog Wormer & Parasite Cleanse by Natural Wonder Remedies is the premium USDA Certified Organic, naturally viable, potent herbal dog wormer effective against roundworm, hookworm, pinworm, tapeworm, and whipworm. It safely and effectively kills and flushes intestinal worms and...

Eye Support for Cats & Dogs

Eye Support for Cats & Dogs by Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Help sharpen your pet's vision. Protect their eyes with the essential nutrients found only in Eye Support for Pets. It offers advantages you don't find in other eye health supplements. It's Made in the U.S.A.and provides the right...

Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Cats & Dogs (268 Pumps)

When it comes to your pet's health and its daily needs for EFAs it's important to choose the right omega 3 supplements. When you choose Krill Oil for Pets, you are assured of getting the best. Krill Oil for Pets' revolutionary advanced airless pump system keeps freshness in and contaminants out....

Probiotics for Dogs & Cats (30 servings)

The remarkable Complete Probiotics for Dogs and Cats *Brings together over 10 of the most powerful strains of beneficial bacteria for promoting optimal gastrointestinal health in your cats and dogs *Provides over 58 billion bacteria in every serving to help keep the pets you love happy and...

SpiruGreen Superfood for Pets (180 Tablets)

We feel it's important to offer your pets two of nature's most nutrient-dense dietary super supplements-spirulina and astaxanthin. Healthy Pets SpiruGreen truly packs a powerful punch with all the nutrient value of spirulina, including carotenoids, phycocyanins, and enzymes, plus all the goodness...

Ubiquinol Liquid Pump for Cats & Dogs (263 Pumps)

When you treat your pet to the rewards of ubiquinol, you may: *Help optimize their energy production for cells and bodily functions *Help stimulate optimal heart health *Help protect cells against free radical damage *Help reduce the signs of normal aging *Help boost immune function ...

Urinary Tract & Bladder Support for Cats & Dogs (9.5 oz)

Urinary Tract & Bladder Support for Pets 9.5 oz. is quickest and easiest to give 100% natural great tasting powder to help restore the natural balance and maintain optimal urinary tract and bladder health for both cats and dogs made in U.S.A with unique superior quality herbs and nutrients....

Vitamin B Complex Boosts Pet's Overall Health 2.1 oz.

Is a vitamin B12 deficiency making your pets groggy, listless or cranky? Worse, is it setting them up for serious health problems, like heart disease? Give your pets the energy they want with Vitamin B Complex. Feed-grade synthetic vitamins are typically used to “enrich” pet food. The...
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Shop Pets Naturally's Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale It's our way of celebrating our Grand Opening by giving away pet wellness. Storewide savings on all the premium quality pet care health products and supplies you need to help keep the pets you love happy and healthy looking young and as handsome as ever.
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