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My ideal referral is anyone stuck in life that would like to learn how to achieve their goals, find their life purpose, and reach for the star . My clients normally have an idea about energy work but many do not. I am not only a life coach, hypnotist but trained to teach reiki, access bars, IET, tunning fork therapy, and how to us essential oils. I love to travel and teach as well as publicly speak on these subjects.

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We offer private sessions in Reiki, Theta Healing and Life Coaching to help you get back on track with life. Options for package deals

Life Coaching with and energetic Twist

I am available for private consultation, healing and workshops. Contact me for more details, your initial phone consultation is free as we map out your vibrations and plan the best course of action for your life. Phone and in person sessions available... Call today to get started Other...
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Rob Pritchard from The Healing Frequency
Rob Pritchard
owner/ Cert. Life Coach, Hypnotist and Master Healer