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If you have ever experienced poor call quality or worse, the frustration of a dropped call, then YOU are my ideal customer. I offer a carrier agnostic multi-platform solution that will virtually eliminate all of your concerns whether at home, on the road or on the job!

About Us

Mr. WiseGuy is your best connection to better reception.

I provide cellular signal enhancement solutions from High-End Residential & Commercial Applications to now include Cars, Boats & ATV's.

As Mr. WiseGuy my aim is to be your premier custom electronic solution specialist. Professionally and passionately providing solutions and delivering results consistently. After working almost 6 years at Wilson Electronics, I quickly outgrew my position as a Senior CI Specialist and decided that my loyalty was to my clients not just their money.

Mr. WiseGuy protects your investment by catering to your needs and best interests. I have the best value added pricing GAURANTEED.

I approach every project as if it were my very own. I know these amplifiers inside and out and front to back. Don't drop any more calls, never miss any important messages... just remember that you have a guy. Not just any Guy, im the Right Guy, they call me Mr. WiseGuy!

How We Got Started

Working my way up through the ranks at Wilson Electronics, the Industry Leader in cell signal boosters, I had a close relationship with some of the most innovative minds in the industry.

Through mentorship from Industry Giants such as Joe Baños, Eric Mercil, Joe Wood, John Bacon and Blake Seese to name a few! I developed a uniquely specialized skill set and level of understanding that allowed me to consistently meet and exceed expectations in the emerging Consumer Electronic Integration Industry in both Domestic and International markets.

I quickly realized that my committment to my clients exceeded that of which my last role as a Senior CI Specialist allowed. I felt compelled to extend my experience to the front lines where customer experiences were being created and destroyed everyday. It's my goal as "Mr. WiseGuy- Certified Consulting and Installation Services" I aim to create a superior client experience as I create and cultivate professional and genuine relationships.

High-End Residential Consumer Cellular Signal Boosters

The Connect 4G-X is one of the strongest CONSUMER amplifiers available on the market today. It modestly provides coverage for up to 10k Sq. Ft. under optimal conditions depending on outside signal. This kit comes with everything you need for a successful install and is only kitted with the...

Wilson Electronics Exclusive Certified Installer Series for High-End Residential and Entry-Level Enterprise Applications

I had worked at Wilson throughout the lifetime of the Highly Celebrated and Award-Winning product line that is Exclusive to Certified Installers. These Industrialized Solutions marked the culmination of several of the pioneering technologies that propelled Wilson Electronics to the top of...


We provide a comprehensive needs analysis of what will be necessary to keep your fleet connected when nothing else can. Don't be caught riding dirty without one, keep your drivers safe and help them stay connected today! Special discounted rates for larger fleets! Get the best value added...
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Mitchel Hancock is sharp, clear and concise as well as patient, intelligent and kind. A sincere gentleman who is truly dedicated to creating a superior customer experience for any and all of his prospective clientele. Personally, I believe he does this through educating his client and empowering them to choose what's right for them. Although honestly, its a quality so rare that it would be safe to say that "He knows what he does and how he does it, and he does it extremely well!" I have recommended him to my immediate friends and family and I have no doubt that they are in very capable hands. Mitchell is Mr. WiseGuy Platinum Level Approved!
SERVPRO is the first person I call whenever I need help! Friendly knowledgeable staff and a customer service level that is unique and rare
I have seen these guys do what they do and they do it very well. I would recommend these guys to my friends and family any day of the week and all day long!
The leaders in Cellular Booster Technology!
After working with their team on many different projects, I can honestly say that these gentlemen are extremely professional and calculated. Truly gifted in their ability to create a superior customer experience for every client every time! Very proud to recommend this team and company!
Your restoration services are legendary!
This is an innovative forward thinking group! Dedicated to the local community! My highest recommendation!
I've worked very closely with Ralph and his Son and they never cease to impress me with their impeccable work ethic and dedication. I highly recommend this adept team of integrators and can assure you that you are in good capable hands with Flowing Through Connections for sure.
Professional, knowledgeable, reliable and friendly! Mike and his team have been on the cutting edge of the consumer electronic integration channel for some time now. With Mike Ebert you are in good hands!
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