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About Us

Ebersole Financial LLC provides financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families and smaller institutions. We are an independent investment advisory firm, focused on your needs. We charge for our services on a fee-only basis, accepting no commissions, which helps us avoid conflicts of interest and provide unbiased advice to our clients.

How We Got Started

As the son of CPAs who built and run their own firm, I always valued their position of independence and focus on client well-being. Providing independent, tailored advice and solutions to my clients is the first priority. Our independence gives us the ability to make your needs and concerns our top priority. Our fee-only, no-commission policy means that our focus is on listening to you, not trying to sell you a product or align you with a strategy that doesn’t match your priorities. Let our expertise and personal attention give you peace of mind as you navigate choices and realize your financial future. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals for the next year, the next decade and the next generation.

Our Ideal Customer

We work with motivated individuals and families to provide them with the advice and education they need to take control of their financial future.

Our Team
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Jamie Ebersole
Founder and CEO
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