About Us

FIERCE is a female way of life that focuses on prioritizing our physical health in order to become the best woman, mom, wife, daughter and person we can be. FIERCE empowers women to come together as a team and breakthrough the barriers that have held us back from our best self so we can stop starting over on our fitness journeys.

How We Got Started

I was inspired to create FIERCE after going through a transformation in my life that required an intense about of physical and mental strength. I realized that when women come together as a team, a tribe, we have power that allows us to overcome obstacles we cannot tackle alone.

FIERCE LIVE Challenges

Join a team of women as you embark on a fitness journey together! FIERCE LIVE is a comprehensive health and wellness program that creates a path for you to find your best self through unique group fitness classes, flexible eating plans, daily check-ins, one-on-one coaching, and an...
Our Team
Derith Cass from FIERCE ( a division of FLX Training)
Derith Cass