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H.Y.P. STUDIO is dedicated to the joy of health and self-discovery through Yoga, Pilates, BarSculpt, Real Ryder® Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training and other mind~body modalities that are devoted to the philosophy of breathe, body, and wellness from the inside out. Our intimate Studios, located in Needham, Wellesley Center and Medfield , offer an atmosphere that's contemporary, welcoming and a serene retreat from the crowded, noisy gym experience. H.Y.P.'s hot yoga, Pilates, BarSculpt, Real Ryder and TRX group classes, semi-privates and one-on-one sessions continually challenge on a physical level, while providing a supportive, healthy environment to set your own pace, progress and practice. We believe the journey to achieve equilibrium of mind & body is one that is profoundly personal. Each student is encouraged to find their own path, in their own time, ably aided by our veteran teachers and trainers.

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5 WEEKS TO A PASSION FOR A LIFETIME! Join H.Y.P. Pilates teacher Matthew Devlin for this 5 week seminal series, designed to introduce the core-strengthening, bulk-free, flexible muscle building practice that is Pilates to the new student. Limited to 5 students, this introductory series will...