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About Us

lau lapides company is a boutique-coaching vocal studio designing fresh programs to meet the need of professional voice over talent, actors, and business executives alike. Whether just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to rebrand and get connected, there is a team of award winning, devoted, talented, and experienced coaches to help manage and build confidence, hone your craft, and get on the radar of some of the biggest players in your industry. Having partnered with some of the Top Talent in the industry from LA to NY including Rob Paulsen, Debi Derryberry, and John Sudol just to name a few!

Our Ideal Customer

Our clients range from actors,voice actors & models just starting out to advanced talent looking to hone in on their craft. We also work with business professionals looking to work on their public speaking and presentation skills for important meetings.

Our Team
Lau from lau lapides company
Products & Services

One to One Acting Coaching

We offer a fresh and innovative approach to each individual coaching session, designed to fit your unique needs. Coaching is an individual experience, designed specifically for each person and moves at their desired rate of learning. As coaches, our goal is to inspire our models and talent, and...
Businesses We Recommend
Past Events & Promotions
This is one of Boston's Top showcases! Do not miss this opportunity to meet and train with some of Boston's leading industry professionals. Our panel has the expertise to help you gain the skills and knowledge on how to get an agent (if you are seeking one), book more jobs, audition more...
Attendees will receive helpful industry tips, educational tools and ideas for enhancing communication, building confidence and learning different areas of media and performance arts. We have partnered with Executive Director Stephen Beach of Wellesley Community Center to offer a youth media...
Lau Lapides teaches anyone interested in Voice Over or veterans in the industry looking to hone in on their craft about the in's and out's of voice over.