Speak up with Confidence Level 2
Saturday Apr 12th 9am-5pm, 2014
This event has already occurred
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In literally seconds you make impact…your visual and sound bites are captured in your smile, body, first few words, voice, energy, presence, and initial eye contact. All of these ingredients create the successful chemistry of verbal and nonverbal messaging that may determine whether you capture your audience or they tune you out. Designed as an excellent in depth follow up to Speak Up with Confidence, this fast-paced, highly interactive, hands-on, full-day workshop will deepen tools and techniques from level I. Develop and deliver a poignant and powerful story with persuasive power tools of engaging your command presence, energy and focus! Discover “behind the scenes” techniques that professional actors and broadcast media talent utilize to transmit their messages with passion and polish every time! This is an excellent opportunity to take your speaking skills to the next level.
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