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I am an experienced Massachusetts litigator practicing divorce and family law and criminal defense, and he is an especially successful trial lawyer in child custody and other high-conflict cases. I boast a rare set of attributes, combining the broad real-life experience and street-smarts typical of the best trial lawyers together with academic credentials that match or surpass those of top lawyers in blue-chip law firms.

I work hard to achieve the best outcomes for my clients by strategic planning, skilled negotiations, and when necessary, aggressive court representation at hearings and at trial. I represent individuals in divorce and family law cases on a regular basis in the Greater Boston Area, in the courts of Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester Counties. I also take cases in Suffolk, Essex, Plymouth, Hampshire, Hampden, Barnstable and Franklin Counties.

Free initial in-office consultation on any family law matter.

As a very experienced divorce and family law attorney, litigator, mediator and negotiator. I am offering a free hour-long consultation, including analysis of any family law issue(s) you may have, advice for next steps and explanation of best options to pursue.
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