About Us

Pine Straw is all the things that you need to LIVE, GIVE and CELEBRATE with ease and enjoyment. As you look around Pine Straw you'll notice we feature a great collection of items that you don't see everywhere from clothing and jewelry to decorations and home goods. The shop has a strong focus on artisans and small industry rather than big companies. Many of the shop items are organic, repurposed or represent sustainability.

Pine Straw was designed to give you a feeling of home and comfort when you enter. Tracy hopes it's a place that encourages you to take your time, explore, relax and find just that inspiration you might need.

How We Got Started

Pine Straw was born from owner Tracy Cranley's dual passions of entertaining and shopping plus her desire to make both more relaxing for everyone. Tracy believes that you don't have to spend a lot of time or money to have a great get together or a beautiful home.

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Our Team
Tracy Cranley from Pine Straw
Tracy Cranley
Maria DiLorenzo from Pine Straw
Maria DiLorenzo
Apparel Manager & Personal Stylist