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About Us

Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC is a nutrition counseling practice featuring the married dietitian duo of Jonah Soolman, RD, LDN, ACSM-HFS, NSCA-CPT, and Joanne Levy Soolman, MS, RD, LDN. We provide individualized nutritional counseling to residents in the Wellesley area.

We recognize that the key to good health is finding balance, and nutrition is a critical component of this balance. When we achieve a balance between eating nutritiously to fuel our personal goals and enjoying the food we eat, our bodies and minds function in harmony. Our client-oriented approach is based upon the reality that this balance point is different for everybody.

We formed Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC to help our patients reach their individual nutrition goals by identifying and working with the unique preferences, obstacles, and emotional, social, cultural, and financial factors that surround their eating. We lead our patients toward health by giving them sound nutritional guidance and support, customized to their individual needs.

How We Got Started

As a couple of locals, we are both honored and excited to have set up shop in Wellesley and be part of this community. Joanne grew up here in Wellesley, while Jonah is from neighboring Needham and used to string tennis racquets and sell running shoes at Thunder Sporting Goods in Wellesley Center.

Our Team
Jonah Soolman from Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC
Jonah Soolman
Joanne Soolman from Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC
Joanne Soolman