About Us


Trijake provides a service to men and women interested in healthy and physically fit lifestyles. We will help you reach your goals by coaching, teaching, and motivating you through The TriJake Method.

How We Got Started

At TriJake, we provide the arena, the information, and the service of helping others obtain purpose, freedom, and peace of mind. We do more than train your body to be in optimal shape; we train your body to shape your mind. Our aim is to simply serve you as best we can so that you can succeed in all

TriJake Spring Bootcamp

Go to TriJake.com and sign up now! Jake will whip you into shape in time for the nice weather. $15 drop in, or register online for a discount. We will meet at TriJake Studio, 555 Washington Street, Wellesley, rain or shine from 6-7am and then again 8-9am Let's GO already!
Our Team
Jake Maulin from Trijake Fitness
Jake Maulin
Zina Roberts from Trijake Fitness
Zina Roberts