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Everyone is our ideal customer; we offer the taste only homemade can offer for a great way to start their breakfast, make a sandwich, enjoy a meal that includes homemade pickles or chutney's , etc. A customer that desires quality and great taste !

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Gourmet Handmade Jams & Jellies

BriarLane Jams and Jellies has been making the same fine Handmade Gourmet Jams, Jellies, and Marmalades since 1932 and we still use the same recipes, stir each pot and pour every jar by hand just as it was done since the first day; a long- established (1932), family- run business. We have over 45 kinds of home made jams, jellies and marmalade's.

How We Got Started

For many years Esther and her husband Leroy Wiles ran a roadside stand that sold fresh cut flowers, fruits and vegetables. One evening Esther made up 8 jars of Wild beach Plum Jelly and set it out on the stand the next morning all 8 jars sold that fine summer day in 1932 and the beginnings of a new business were set in motion. BriarLane Jams and Jellies has become one of the oldest Landmarks in Wellfleet while Leroy Wiles is credited with being the first person to sell Wild Beach Plum Jelly in Wellfleet. Esther went on to add many other flavors over the coming years and the Jelly and Jam she made became a popular item. Leroy soon built a new stand for the Jelly and Jam near where Moby Dick's sits today. When the new road was cut through in the 1940's he moved the stand to where it sits to this day.

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