Our Ideal Customer

Students, needy people hungry of learning/education, Charitable donors

About Us

Abi Kattel Memorial Foundation, a non-profit charitable (501c(3)) organization, was established in memory of Abi, who died at 22 in Orlando, Florida on December 5, 2005. This foundation focuses on higher education, educational training, and humanitarian (blood drives, homeless feeding) works for the needy and under-served.

How We Got Started

As they say 'every cloud has a silver lining'; so does 'every tragedy carries some bright side in it'. Abi Kattel Memorial Foundation is also product of a tragedy to help the needy.

Help us to help needy. It is. Fund raising event. January 13, 2018 at Okeeheelee Park. The run/walk starts at 8:00 am; registration booth starts at 6:30am. Please participate or help support this event to raise fund thru this event.

Academic Scholarships to college bound students; travel only grants; and send children to day camps in YMCA

With the help of charitable donations from any and all willing donors we support the educational scholarships and grants for learning in different phases of life.
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