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Better health/Fewer visits


Massage Therapy: $40/half hr., $70/hour, $100/90 min.


Patients not going through insurance: Initial exam-$110, following adjustment-$45, Patient Appreciation Day(FIRST Wednesday of every month)-$30.

Laser Light Therapy

Reduces pain and improves healing time. This service is $25 and insurance usually doesn't cover this.

Electric Stimulation

Decreases pain and increases circulation - $10 (not going through insurance)

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Pain-free treatment for tendonitis - $10 (not going through insurance)

D.O.T. Medical Exam

Obtain or renew your medical exam certificate at Price Chiropractic. $70 includes the exam and urinalysis.
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Kenneth Price from Price Chiropractic
Kenneth Price
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Price Chiropractic Staff and Family!