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For nearly five decades, Dennis Green has been a thought leader in the Advertising and PR industry. Winning dozens of creativity awards and helping numerous clients solidify and increase their business is a way of life for him. Innovation and results are his benchmark. Whatever the product or service, the outcome is the same: SUCCESS! Try The Green Brain and see for yourself!

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No matter what the product, service or audience, I will make you stand out in the crowd with highly creative and effective Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing. My past clients include virtually every type of business, so I'm bound to have experience with your target audience! Try me -...

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Creative ideas to help your business grow and prosper. Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any three! 🤗
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Sandy and I are friendly competitors. i know much more than he does because I am so much older. But, he's catching up since i stopped aging! He is a bright and creative guy who works hard to please his clients - and get those sometimes elusive results. If I wanted to advertise ME, I would call HIM!
Sincere, knowledgeable and ready to help!
A great company with a great product line. Soft, furry and gentle Alpacas are a pleasure to behold!
Bubba is a promotional merchandise Maven (Expert)! Nothing beats giving your clients and prospects something useful - with your name and contact information on it! I have known Bubba since he was just a very young lad, and I would vouch for him anytime!
Joe and i go back many years. We met at a Downtown Detroit networking group meeting. Although the networking group is long gone, we have remained friends and in touch all this time. He and his staff are incredibly expert at what they do - which is to help their clients find bad people and catch them in the act. Enough said. Just think of Joe when you need solid proof of anything!
A great way to see the Detroit area and travel in style and comfort! If you have a group that needs bus transportation to any destination - get Action! Also, if you know of a group that is coming to the "D" for a meeting, convention, etc., this can take them on an exciting side trip to Greenfield Village or other interesting spots around town.
Dr. Miller and his staff are the ultimate professionals. His goal is always to solve vein problems for men and women so that they are no longer self-conscious, in pain or - worse case scenario - in danger. i have sent friends to him and have heard nothing but good things!
MMRHM is a firm with a sterling reputation for hard work, integrity and success for their clients. I am quite familiar with many of the Detroit area law firms, having formerly published a monthly magazine targeted at them. This firm is one of the best!
Edustaff is great for retired or out of work teachers and ParaPros. You can almost always get a position every day if you want because they service so many different school districts throughout Michigan! If you don't go on their website for daily openings, they will call you if there is an opening in a school district you have chosen to work in. Thanks Calvin, for your hard work - and the work of so many others at Edustaff
Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge.
I used to work there, so i am prejudiced, but it is a great ride if you want to view Downtown in the "D"! For just 75 cents, you can ride around until you've seen everything several times, if you wish! It's also a practical way to save money by not parking in the expensive sports and theater lots and garages. Park a little farther away, and take the People Mover. You will save big bucks - and enjoy the ride!
Sandy is a PR Whizkid! i am sure she will like the "kid" part! ;-) A disciple of the late Brod Doner, Sandy has maintained a very successful PR Agency for many years. She is great at what she does, and she gets my vote!
A great vehicle for reaching your company's target audience online - surgically precisely and economically!
Beth is the best! She is thoroughly knowledgeable about the local Real Estate market and knows all the best ways to handle the buying and selling processes.
I have leased several vehicles from Meade Lexus in Southfield. They also have a location on the east side for those of you east of Woodward! Lexus vehicles are wonderful, and the Meade treatment makes the deal even better!
XTrade is an excellent way to save cash! As their membership grows, so do the opportunities to purchase products and services you need without spending your hard-earned cash. Likewise, you make new connections who will buy your products and services for trade dollars, helping to expand your purchasing power! It's always a win-win buying and selling!
Barb and I go way back together. I know her to be a dedicated and charming person, with a wealth of knowledge about her business. She amazes me, because I always thought I knew a lot of stuff, but she is way ahead of me! She is also creative, inventive and very easy to work with.
Great magazine. Great publisher. Great results! If you have kids in school and they are not receiving a take-home copy of this wonderful magazine, please ask your kid's teacher or administrator to get it in their school in time for next fall. Great place to advertise if you want to reach families of kids in school, teachers and other business people!
Sid and I are college Frat Brothers. He is a person of great integrity, honesty and business acumen. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to deal with a true pro who is ready to help with any situation.
Comrade Lebidinsky is a "Choroshi Chelovyek" - a Good Guy! He handles business matters like a "pro" - because that's what he is! Beware of "cons" in this type of business! Dimitri delivers on his promises - professionally, proudly and punctually!
Lynn is a true expert on packaging for any type of product. His family has been in this field for more than two generations, and they excel in all aspects of their business. Custom or standard packaging - you won't go wrong when you go with Lynn!
Robin and his crew perform miracles every day! If you need signs, posters or any printed advertisements, charts, graphs, etc., White is the place to go. They can make a delicacy out of a bag of peanuts! If your product or service is already fabulous, they will make it look even better on a sheet of cardboard! White Repro is where the Pros Go! (borrowed that slogan without permission) :-(
Mario is "da man" to see for marketing ideas, videos, or just a fun and interesting conversation! His knowledge is hard to beat, and his results shine through every time. If I were not ME, I would want to be HIM!
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2 months ago • 1 Like
I suggest you do a paid survey by snail mail to 100 of your best customers and/or prospects. Enclose a $5 bill and postage paid return envelope to ensure great response. Ask them to check off what... (more)
Dennis R. Green answered Marketers, What Do You Think About Facebook Bots.
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No Bots about it! Technology always presents new opportunities AND challenges! It's really a Rocky Road. (more)
Dennis R. Green answered How Do I Advertise My Business?
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Hi Harvey, Once I know the nature of your business (products/services) your budget, your location and whom you are targeting, I will come up with all sorts of creative ideas. Let me... (more)
Dennis R. Green answered Does Anyone Know of Affordable and Private Office Space...
about 1 month ago • 1 Reply
Try the area around Maple and Orchard Lake Rd. There are several vacancies both east and west of OLR and the landlords should be dealing. Good luck! Denny (more)

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