About Us

We are an Eco friendly socially conscious green business. we offer organic and natural products and services that are safe for you for us and for the environment as well as cruelty free. we are the only certified green circle salon on cape cod, which allows us to recycle 99% percent of our salon related and non salon related waste. we run on green option energy. our staff are warm and welcoming and has 20 plus years of experience. we take pride in our ability to listen and give a thorough consultation.we offer a fun happy non judgment zone that we welcome everyone to be apart of as an inclusive not exclusive salon. Being a functioning and positive part of our community is one of our main goals as well as charity and philanthropy when and where we can. I am happy and proud to be a business owner in the very community I grew up in.

How We Got Started

I always wanted to be a business owner ever since i was a kid, the model has changed it was a restaurant then a boutique but then i became a hairstylist and fell in love with my job and helping people take care of themselves and to help them feel good and feel Beautiful.

We offer organic and natural hair products and services we are a eco conscious and socially responsible green business

we use All Nutrient hair color Light mountain henna and Neuma organics and organic trader retail products as well as Piggy Paint nail polish. We are the only certified Green Circle Salon on cape cod which allows us to recycle 99 percent of our salon waste including hair,foils,gloves,and left...
Our Team
Diana Balajadia from Karma & Company
Diana Balajadia