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WHO WANT... speakers who make the process effortless for them, and who entertain, educate and inspire their audiences to be better, self-directed leaders.

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HAVE YOU EVER... been frustrated and embarrassed by a speaker you hired who didn't do their homework, caused you nothing but headaches, and...

THEN disappointed you in the presentation as well and maybe even blamed you?

(Would you like to prevent that?)

I WORK WITH... conscientious event planners

WHO WANT... speakers who make the process effortless for them, and who entertain, educate and inspire their audiences to be better, self-directed leaders.

IN FACT... Over the last 28 years I have entertained, educated, and inspired over 350,000 people at over 4000 events domestically and internationally with an average value rating of 9.8 out of 10.

IN FACT... I worked with a group that was starting a quarterly business education series on their initial kick-off event.

They said 25 attendees would be a success and 50 would be beyond amazing.

I provided marketing and PR material for their advertising and did a live radio interview.

When I stepped on stage there were over 330 people in the room and they loved my presentation.

(Would that be the kind of help and response you'd be looking for?)

IN FACT... I was the closing keynote speaker for an association meeting and, as usual, I arrived early.

I learned that the breakout session speaker for the session before my keynote had called in sick and they were planning to cancel her session.

I volunteered (on 10 minutes notice) to fill in for that session.

I gave that session (they loved it!) and then, after a short break, knocked my closing keynote out of the park!

(Is that the kind of speaker and results you'd want?)

I'm not sure if what I do would even work for you. I'm not even sure if we're the right fit. I'd really need to find out more about what you want to accomplish.

Contact me now and let's spend 20 - 30 minutes to find out.

How We Got Started

To provide my clients with the tools, information, and coaching to develop better leadership from top to bottom in their organizations, businesses, associations, and families.

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Clay's system of improving your sales skills then hiring someone else to sell for you to enable you to work more in your strengths is amazing and very powerful. He has helped me in my business more than I can truly express. I just made another sale a few minutes ago using his ideas. :-) Highly, highly recommended!
Stephanni is highly skilled and great to work with. Highly recommended!
I have known Tom for many years and know him to be honest and trustworthy. I would certainly call him first if I needed flooring.
Boyd is very good at marketing and networking and is a great resource and a great friend. Highly recommended!

Highly Recommended

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