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About Us

Intuitiv Designs was created with the belief that life’s greatest discoveries were made through sparking people’s curiosities. We use the same method when communicating information to your customers, breaking it down to its simplest form, and using it to strike the interest of your target audience.

You tell us all the reasons why you do what you do, and we bring it all together in one, unified package. Discover your future with Intuitiv Designs.

How We Got Started

The desire to help people succeed was met with the drive for personal success, and Intuitiv Designs was formed.

Our Ideal Customer

The ideal customer for Intuitiv Designs is someone who is just starting a business or is looking to rebrand their business. We also love anyone who needs a website, and graphics for marketing materials.

Our Team
Jaimie Hamilton from Intuitiv Designs
Jaimie Hamilton
Products & Services

Logo Design

A logo is not the only part of a brand, but it is definitely the most important. Your logo defines your image, and image is everything. Intuitiv will help you to spark the curiosity of your clients with a fresh logo design to kick off your branding package!

Website Development

We love Wordpress, and you will, too! Contact us today to start planning your fresh, new website. Or, follow this link to our website questionnaire, where you can give us all the info we need to get started! https://intuitivdesigns.com/we-build-websites/

Business Card Design

All our logos come with a complimentary business card design.
Businesses We Recommend
Past Events & Promotions
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Intuitiv is offering 20% off logo designs for all new clients! Getting a discount on your most valued brand item allows more room in the budget for a sweet website! Visit this link to get your discount: https://intuitivdesigns.com/facebook-20-off-logo/
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