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About Us

I shoot products, architecture, and hospitality. I also offer video and motion services (time lapse, slow motion, 360 video). I am based in Palm Beach County but travel anywhere. Also social media content creation, interviews, and portraits.

How We Got Started

Having started as a freelancer at a very large photo studio. I was exposed to many different brands, requirements, and photo styles for a few years. I now have my own business doing the same thing, but, for my customers. I have worked for very large companies, as well as small single operator companies.

In the last few years I have done everything from drone work, time lapse, video (commercials, interviews, music videos, documentary, and events). I have done photography for hotels, architects, designers, contractors, products, and much more.

I have many personal projects I do to keep myself feeling creative. Anything from high resolution photos of peoples eyes, to exploring and creating time lapses of cities at night.

Our Ideal Customer

Ideally companies large and small. I work with a fair amount of large hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, and design companies. I frequently work with small companies that have a few products to be photographed, or a space or building that was recently completed.

Our Team
Michael Cushman from Michael C Photography
Michael Cushman
Products & Services

Architecture Photography

I do architecture photography for real estate, rentals, advertising, and construction projects.


Motion services include anything that shows motion, animations, slow motion, time lapse, etc. Time lapse, slow motion, 4k and HD video are offered. Time lapses of construction or a manufacturing project. Slow motion booth's for parties and weddings. Video interviews, music videos, and dance...

Product Photography

Product, food, and prototype photography is one of my specialties. Whether the images are for web, print, or social media I can handle it all. Exact color replication on calibrated cameras, screens and printers ensure consistent and accurate color capture.
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