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About Us

I shoot portraits, products, architecture, and I also offer video and motion services. I am based in Palm Beach county and service all of South Florida. Contact me for special pricing.

Our Team
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Michael Cushman
Products & Services

Architecture Photography

I do architecture photography for real estate, rentals, advertising, and construction projects.


Motion services include anything that shows motion, animations, slow motion, time lapse, etc. Time lapse, slow motion, 4k and HD video are offered. Time lapses of construction or a manufacturing project. Slow motion booth's for parties and weddings. Video interviews, music videos, and dance...

Product Photography

Product, food, and prototype photography is one of my specialties. Whether the images are for web, print, or social media I can handle it all. Exact color replication on calibrated cameras, screens and printers ensure consistent and accurate color capture.
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