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Providing world-class, non-surgical orthopedic medicine is the ground breaking approach to pain management and at the heart of the programs offered at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute.

Surgery is not the best choice for everyone nor is it indicated in every circumstance. Surgery is not always the “last resort”, nor does it always “fix the problem”. With the advancements in the field of regenerative medicine and interventional modalities, many acute and chronic injuries and pain can be diagnosed and managed using non-surgical approaches. The physicians at the Institute understand the complex nature of pain and how it adversely affects every aspect of your life. Through a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, examination, and comprehensive intake of your lifestyle and medical history, the team will create an efficient, progressive, individualized plan for pain management and long-term relief. Our programs do not include narcotic pain management.

The Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers the expertise, the resources to handle complex cases, and access to the latest a medical advance. Our team is a leader in ground-breaking changes to how pain is managed by combining modalities to provide maximum relief so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Our Ideal Customer

Referrals from anyone who is suffering from injuries or pain! Attorney referrals, Physician referrals, Case Manager referrals, Adjusters. Pain and injuries happen to everyone. So in that sense, everyone is a potential referral! *Note: We do not prescribe narcotics.

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Cathy Zalusky from Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute
Cathy Zalusky
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The best massage you will ever have!

In addition to non-narcotic pain management through minimally invasive procedures, we also just happen to have South Florida's best masseuse! Call us now to get more details! 561-649-8770! Booking a massage with Christine will be the best hour of your life!
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