Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal client are those who are looking to accomplish establishing their online and offline presence. We are looking for those clients that need solutions to streamline everyday operations within the organization.

About Us

Personality Web Designs (PWD) is a digital corporation established since 2004. We assist businesses in achieving their highest potential so that they can compete in their individual fields effectively. Our focus is to not only deliver quality work but to produce healthy, strong and independent businesses.

PWD offers a myriad of services at prices you can afford. We give our clients personal consultations to guarantee a satisfactory product.

We also offer services such as:

- E-commerce Solutions

- Marketing Solutions

- Web Hosting

- Custom Website Design (such as custom Wordpress websites)

- Logo animation

- Graphics such as logo designs (corporate identity), brochures, business cards, and flyers

- Search Engine Optimization

- App Development

Personality Web Designs is sure to deliver each and every consumer with our signature customer service, quality work, creativity and competitiveness. We strive to assist in growing the businesses we service that are why our slogan is, Personality Web Designs – “Surmounting Impossibilities”.

How We Got Started

We got started after I left college. I had a BS in Computer Information Systems and no experience. So I began to freelance and that lead to the development of this company, Personality Web Designs, Inc.

Online Web Design Courses

Personality Web Designs has teamed up with the Trinity Community Business Enrichment Center and offers on location computer classes. If you’re in the Miami/Broward area and would like to attend, please send an inquiry to team@personalityweb.com and you will be emailed dates, times and...
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