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About Us

We are your local shop to fulfill your company's need for marketing, uniforms, corporate/contractors personalized gifts and promotional products.

T-SHIRTS AUTHORITY, INC is proud to have its very own in-house artist, graphic designers and the perfect product to fit any occasion, business and budget.

Apparel Decoration, Custom Products, Stickers, Wall Decoration, Imprints, Banners, Lawn Signs, Political Signs, Buttons, Promotional Products, Restaurant Menus, Premium Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures.

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How We Got Started

Beginning a new small business is an unique experience, no matter how many times you have done this.

All the nuances involved, how to reach - and keep - new customers, know your products or services, excel in your area to stand the competition among tons of different situations you have face every day.

Passion is the major reason that moves one to open a business, but only this is not enough to keep it opened.

We have to develop and nurture a true love for our business in order to maintain our desire to wake up every morning with a positive attitude to make our business grow strong.

Dreaming - Learning - Passion - Learning - Love - Learning - Perseverance - Learning - Attitude - Learning a little more.

That's our motto. That's what is keeping us afloat.

Our Ideal Customer

Everyone that recognizes that every product has its price.

If you are willing to pay a reasonable price for what you are looking for, we are willing to work with you to get the most for the money invested.

Our Team
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Gabriel Patrick
Art Department - Creation Manager
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Gilson Ribeiro
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Marlene Madeira
Production/Shipping Manager
Products & Services

Custom Products for Business or Personal

T-Shirts, Uniforms, Buttons, Stickers, Banners, Yard Signs, Business Cards, Brochures, Direct Mail, Logo & Graphic Design, Car & Boat Lettering, Home Decor, Custom Frames, Signs and more
Businesses We Recommend
Among hundreds of options, some professionals stands out from the majority.
Bradford Ace Hardware store is everybody's favorite place. You can find pretty much anything you need (even chocolate). Great customer service and loyal customer for almost 20 years.
Perfectionism and total commitment to their customers. Highly recommend this business.
Because they always put a smile in our faces!!!
Trustworthy and professionalism.
Past Events & Promotions
We are an apparel, and promotional products shop that specialize in creating personalized items for businesses and custom gifts with fast turnaround time and attention to each and every customers needs.
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Custom Products for Business, Schools, Clinics, Churchs, Contractors, Personal and everyone else. Banners, Apparel (Shirts, Hoodies & More), Stickers, Wall Decor, Buttons, Real Estate Signs, Political Signs, Lawn Signs. We match the best price you have and give 5% extra discount.

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!