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About Us

N2 Publishing has launched Westfield Living, delivered to the homes of the affluent neighborhoods of our beautiful community.

Westfield Living -- "A Magazine By the Neighbors, For the Neighbors!"

N2 Publishing specializes in developing magazines for affluent towns, capitalizing on a unique content that readers enjoy cover-to-cover. N2 Publishing has grown dramatically since it began in 2004 and publishes 900 magazines across the country, recording a significant 421 percent revenue increase in the past five years-alone while driving $100 million in advertising sales nationally.

Our Ideal Customer

Westfield Living looks to engage trusted brands servicing the neighbors so if your business does work around or outside the home, in the home, or impacts the family living in the home, then our marketing platform presents a natural home for your branding efforts. Our magazine offers a 360 marketing effort through monthly branding, social media, events and content opportunities.

Our Team
Christopher Wightman from Westfield Living
Christopher Wightman
Products & Services

Westfield Living

Monthly family magazine with social media and events marketing channels.
  • 173 Elm Street Westfield, NJ 07090