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About Us

Providing consulting services to both non-profit and for-profit businesses that include strategic planning, qualitative research (focus groups), board of directors orientations, government affairs program development, and more.

How We Got Started

Retired after many years as an association manager and a desire to continue offering important services to nonprofits and small businesses to help them grow and prosper.

Our Ideal Customer

Small nonprofit with limited staff and resources.

Our Team
Kendall Buck from Kearsarge Consulting & Management
Kendall Buck
Products & Services

Strategic Planning Facilitation

A strategic plan serves as a road map – especially important in organizations where volunteers frequently transition. A plan guides the board of directors, committees and staff. It informs members what they can expect from the organization. Interested organizations and persons gain...

Qualitative Research (focus groups)

Focus groups are but just one tool used in qualitative market research (QLMR). The goal of qualitative market research is to gain as much insight as possible into a given issue or group without having a pre-ordained framework for the information (such as a written survey, which is considered...

Governance and Management Evaluations

Evaluation of the association's management and governance structures based on the industry's best practices. Includes review of the following and recommendations for improvement. 1. Bylaw and operating document review 2. Board and committee structure 3. Communications programs 4. Government...
Businesses We Recommend
Simply the best service and friendliness.
Best service and best people. A pleasure to work with.
John has a great approach and understanding to business development issues for both nonprofits and for profit organizations. I have experienced his very good strategic planning facilitation skills and would certainly recommend that any organization speak with John Ela about their planning needs, executive coaching requirements, and other strategic business development needs.
  • Wilmot, NH 03287