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About Us

At MAYArt we are dedicated to developing brand identity and corporate logos that help businesses meet their full potential. We specialize in offering this service to small businesses and start-ups because we believe that every small business deserves to have a BIG BRAND. We are artists, dreamers, listeners and helpers.

Our Goal

Branding is an indispensable part of establishing or evolving any business. Our goal at MAYArt is not only to minimize the initial branding stress, but also to educate our clients on how to best direct their marketing budget for the greatest results. Few companies recognize how much money they may be putting into poorly planned and executed branding. We want to prevent this from happening to your business, and our skillful, knowledgeable and professional staff can help you develop the image that works best for your business and uses your money wisely. Creating the highest quality branding for your company will prove to be a good investment as you see increased business and receive great feedback from customers.

How We Got Started

Many small business owners end up doing brand creation and management all on their own, struggling to design an effective logo and business cards. That’s why we’re here! Our professional staff will work directly with you, truly listening to the goals and needs of your company and using our expertise to meet those goals. This way you can get back to what you do best – running your business! And you’ll be surprised by the increase in customers, the quality of your clientele, and the excellent reviews you receive when you streamline your branding using our services.

Our Ideal Customer

It isn't a secret that people more trust to a popular brand. Everyone who wants to grow a business and get more customers is our potential customers.

Our Team
Maya Shapiro from MAYArt - Branding Smart
Maya Shapiro
Products & Services

Our Services

Taking your business to new levels of profitability is not an easy task. No matter how large or small your business is, it is essential that you make branding a priority. We specialize in a wide variety of branding services that are specifically designed to appeal to your target audience. The...
Businesses We Recommend
Very happy to deal with Sergey from Accord Cabinets. Professional approach, high quality materials.....Would recommend him to everyone looking for quality kitchen
100% Helpdesk staff found problems right away on our existing website and knew how to fix them. They were able to set us up quickly on their server and handled the transfer of our website hosting for us.
When you feel that your discomfort, fears, depression etc taking over your life, I strongly suggest you to call Sherry. Sherry listens to her clients and each hypnosis is tailored made, just for that client. She can change your life.
I was invited to attend WRPT's meeting on April 4th. It was very impressive. I met over 30 professionals networking and helping each other. The atmosphere was very dynamic and friendly. This group has a huge potential and I'll be happy to become a part of it.
First time I met Robert was around 4 years ago. He is a real expert in telecom services. Want to save money on your home phone, internet or hydro bill? Don't wait, contact Robert
Jeannette is a great marriage commissioner. She created an amazing ceremony for my kids. I could feel that all what she said was coming from her heart. We were very impressed. Would highly recommend her to everyone who may need her services.
I enjoy working with Martin and all MK global team. The always respond fast and most of the time find me what I need.
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Printing Production Services When creating your brand there are details associated with printing services that require a professional to guide you. Our logo design services help you create the actual image that consumers will connect to your brand and business. A logo holds a lot of weight and...
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Hello Gwen,I'm a part of Bison Web Solution Group, we are a group off experienced professionals who can help you to create a strategic website, help with SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding,... (more)

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