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About Us

Corporate and commercial barter marketplace, directory, and management. Connecting your business with tens of thousands of companies worldwide to help you grow your market share and revenue, while reducing your cash outlay and expense.

How We Got Started

I believed I could provide a better service, one currently not available in my market place. I love to spend time with and help people solve their problems. I also enjoy diversity and new challenges, and a barter exchange provides me exactly that.

Our Ideal Customer

Any company with the intention and capacity to grow and take on more business. This can be idle time, empty space or surplus inventory. We service most industries excluding banking and insurance.

Our Team
Troy Goldenthal from The Commerce Exchange - Your Global Barter Economy
Troy Goldenthal
Products & Services

Barter for Animated Videos!

Are you paying Attention, or are you paying Cash? Matador Creative Studio is a Canadian production company specializing in really awesome animated videos to explain your company. We create a very specific type of video product for our clients. Many production houses are happy to produce any...

Barter for plumbing and hvac!

Are you paying attention, or are you paying cash? Professional plumbing services by Dwaine Gauthier. If you're looking for professional and quality workmanship, with all the right credentials, you needn't look any further. Get it done right the first time. Barter with Dwaine through The...

Barter for Roofing!

Barter for roofing! Need a roof? Barter for it through The Commerce Exchange with Citadel Roofing or All Season's Roofing! Not only will we provide an interest free line of credit to make the purchase, we'll send you the business to pay it back. Contact troy@tcextrade.com to get started. ...

Barter for Autobody!

Tired of looking at that scratch or dent? Barter your autobody or deductible with Unicity Paint and Body through The Commerce Exchange! http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Wine!

Whether you want to use it as a thank you gift, promotional item, or just for personal use, you can barter for your wine! http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for a Cabin on Black Sturgeon Lake!

Right on the lake, just outside of Kenora! Various sized cabins available on barter. All the amenities. Free laundry on site. Boat rentals also available. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Event Space!

Are you paying attention, or are you paying cash? Mosaic Event Centre "Celebrating Life!" Up to 450 capacity! Conveniently located. Lots of parking. Corporate parties, weddings, trade shows, socials, and more. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Janitorial Services and Home Cleaning!

Are you paying attention, or are you paying cash? Professional, quality residential and commercial cleaning services available for barter from Take Time Home Cleaning! Use new customers and new revenue from clients we send you to pay for your cleaning services. ...

Barter for a Timeshare! at a fraction of the cost.

Are you paying attention, or are you paying cash? Olympic Village Inn. Lake Tahoe area - California side. High end resort with great trade value. 1 bedroom sleep 4. Own 1 week per year forever. Floating summer week. Annual fees of $695 (payable in cash). $1200 Barter purchase price. ...

Barter for Valentines!

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) this Valentine's Day! Fort Garry Florists, Osborne Florists, and Baskets Galore are bartering various arrangements and baskets for Valentines through The Commerce Exchange! tcextrade.com troy@tcextrade.com Also available for regular old cash. VISIT...

Barter for Steel Buildings!

Are you paying Attention, or are you paying Cash? 5000' ft + Canadian made steel buildings with a barter component. Accepting appropriate trades of products and/or services for 20% to 30% of these competitively priced steel buildings. Knock $20k to $70k off the cash cost. Pay this portion...

Barter for Security!

Are you paying Attention, or are you paying Cash? Clearly InSight supplies Commercial Grade Video Security products, both CCTV and ... http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Google View Photography!

Google Business Views Street View INSIDE your Business Available on trade. This is where many of your current and potential customers come every day. This isn't Social Marketing or even Digital Marketing. It is Marketing, and Marketing that you own PAY WITH TRADE! Satisfaction is guaranteed. If...

Barter for Audio Visual!

Commercial & Residential Services. Supply, install and network of audiovisual products. *Commercial* Access Control CCTV Distribution Systems Integration Project Data Voice Cable Display Technology kiosk Systems Maintenance Programs *Residential* Home Theatre solutions ...

Barter for Commercial Property. Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon, SK, Canada. 800+ acres bordering city limits, next to airport and major business park development. Just off Highway 16 (Yellowhead Route) across Canada. Can be split into parcels. City services right to property line, actually into one of the parcels. Saskatoon is the fastest growing...

Barter and Save Thousands!

Carrying unsecured debt such as a car loan or credit card? These rates are extremely high and... http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html... Paying attention, or paying cash?

Barter Your Realtor Fees and Save Thousands!

Commercial and Residential. Looking to sell or buy a house, condo, building or other property? We take barter on commissions. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Real Estate Investments!

Lake Lot - Tennessee $18,055.35 (Each) Available : 10 Location : Tennessee Lake Tansi Golf and Lake Community is located on the Cumberland Plateau in north-central Tennessee. Some 2000 homes have already been constructed in Lake Tansi Village. Located just south of Crossville, TN, Lake...

Barter for Time!

What is your most valuable commodity. For most of us, it's "Time". The time to focus on our priorities. Now you can barter for Personal Concierge Services from My Little Secret. Shopping, errands, organizing, and more. If you're not paying attention, you're paying cash! ...

Barter for your Pet's Health!

Veterinary Services on Barter from The Animal Hospital of Manitoba. Vet services can be expensive. Pay for yours with your own product and service and keep your cash in your pocket. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Advertise to the Canadian Meat Business Market on Barter!

Why pay with cash? Are you looking to get in front of the Canadian Meat Industry? This is your opportunity. Canadian Meat Business Magazine is distributed to all levels of the Canadian Meat Business from farmers to equipment to meat plants. Available on barter from The Commerce Exchange! ...

Barter for Concrete Restoration and Sealing!

Welcome to The Commerce Exchange's newest member. Burr Building Inc. provides eco friendly products and can help with any concrete restoration. Follow the link for more details. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Winnipeg Art & Wine Certificates!

Thank your customers. Gift your friends. Incentivise your employees. Or just go on a date. Are you paying attention, or are you paying cash? http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Self Defense, Martial Arts, and Your Health!

Iron Fist Martial Arts offers adult and children's programs including tae kwon do, kung fu, and jiu jitsu. They also hold clinics in Women's security with a focus on prevention. Security, self defense, dynamic exercise, and self discipline on trade from The Commerce Exchange. ...

Barter for Toddler Clothing and More

Handmade clothing for toddlers. Choose specific items or purchase inventory on hand. Purchase local and help our local economy. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Toddler Clothing and More

Handmade clothing for toddlers. Choose specific items or purchase inventory on hand. Purchase local and help our local economy. http://trad.vbarter.com/catalog/itemdetail.html...

Barter for Great and Healthy Meals!

Vinnie's Hot Foods! TAKE AWAY FOOD JOINT / CATERING Food lovers of Winnipeg, here comes a healthy choice to satisfy your taste buds. Wouldn't have ever thought that eating healthy would be this easy. Whether want to grab your breakfast or lunch to work or whether want some to carry back...

Barter for Fuel Enhancing Solutions!

XP3 Canada! Barter for better performance! Commercial-Grade, Industrial Strength, Fuel Enhancing Solutions! Multi-Functional blend for Gasoline Combustion Improver +Fuel Stabilizer for use in all 4 stroke and 2 stroke spark ignition gasoline engines. ...

Quality Steel Buildings! Best Prices!

QUALITY STEEL BUILDINGS Minimum 5000 sq ft. Steel Buildings! Negotiated with an award-winning western Canadian steel manufacturer: 'Best price quotes' for quality buildings, delivered anywhere in North America. Serving agriculture, commercial, and industrial markets. Save 20% to 30% off...
Businesses We Recommend
Aaron really knows what he's doing. A lot of Internet marketers watch a couple of videos and call themselves professionals. TMD and Aaron are the real deal. Check them out if you want to get noticed on the Web.
Florian is a quality businessman who believes in fair trade. Honest and friendly. I have no problem recommending them.
For all your audio visual and gadget needs. Check them out.
Gene is the guy to go to if you're looking for investments, financing, or the best merchant system for your business. Definitely a top notch resource.
SAS Rocks! Look into it.
Prosper doesn't just produce videos. They produce art. They have great products in their store, a studio, and can create something unique to grab the attention. Check them out.
Great products and great service. I recommend Lawn n Order to all my clients.
A quality janitorial company looking to establish themselves as the best in Winnipeg. A noble goal, they are well on their way.
These are some great products. I had a hard time choosing something for my fiancé at Strange Things Emporium because they were all cool.
This is a valuable service I support entirely.
Patrick is just an awesome guy and knows what he's doing, which is really important when handling what might be the biggest deal of your life.
Ryan and Burrbuilding.com are highly professional, on the ball, and prompt with keeping you informed every step of the way. This is a quality company.
I spent some time with Barb in her shot the other day and what she's doing is impressive. Hobbies are important and this get's you started. Glass making, candle making, painting. I would definitely recommend this as a great party event, team building, relationship building, and more. It's definitely a Hidden Treasure. Drop in or give her a call.
Barter is a great tool and Violet knows her stuff. With a community of trading companies and her expertise, you'll see the benefits in short order. We've been doing business together for a couple of years now.
If you're looking for a modern chiropractor who is always learning and improving his health services, you're in the right place. I've been seeing Dr. Ryan for a couple of years now and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor or nutritional counselling. Give him a call.
My cats are family and I take all 4 of my cats here because I trust Dr. Zheng and his staff.
Everybody needs love and Camelot helps to bring them together. A wonderful service.
I have been getting my printing from Esdale since 2005 and have always been more than satisfied with the service. Whatever type of printing you need, they can help and they'll provide exemplary service. I send all of my clients there.
I've worked with Joe for a number of years and he really cares about what he's doing. I would definitely recommend Joe and Full Circle Health Centre.
If you're looking for the right website for your business, Lynne is definitely the person you want to talk to. I've sent multiple clients to her and all have been more than satisfied.
Awesome 3D and 360 degree photography. This is a great product for anyone with a retail location. Restaurants, hotels, retailers, venues, events... very fairly priced. Check it out.
Chris is a great guy who will do everything he can to help you out. I've recommended Chris to many of my clients and all have been more than satisfied with his work. Give him a call.
This is a fantastic product for homes, hotels, care homes, hospitals... Don has some great ideas. Looks great, removes problems with mold and mildew, and lasts...
I've been referring business to Amit and Jen for a couple of years now and will continue to do so in the future. They've always been friendly, professional, and work to find you the right target audience for your business. Best of all, it always falls within the budget. Give them a call.
Maya is an incredible graphic designer, innovative, and can definitely bring your brand to the next level. I highly recommend her services.
If you're looking to be healthier, get in shape, or become competitive, you'll want to work with Lisa. Health is your number one asset and you want to do it right, so give Lisa a call.
All you have to do is look at the quality of her work and chat with her to know you'll want to do business with her.
What LAFS Canada is doing for people is amazing! Please support them.
If you want passion, you've found it. Sheila throws herself fully into everything she does. She wants to help you.
I've known Lowell and booked rooms since 1999. I have never been disappointed with the rooms or service. I highly recommend you give it a try.
WRPT is an amazing event with a wide variety of experts in their industry. Lots of time is given for networking and it's informative and full of energy. I would definitely recommend checking it out. One of the best networking events I've been to.
If you're looking for a professional contract CFO, CPA, or CGA, then give Kevin a call. He has the experience and qualifications to help you get a handle on your finances.
This is a great opportunity to be your own boss, make money, and save money. From homes to malls, Robert can help you.
This is probably one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Everything is top notch! You should definitely check it out.
Cardpro has great products and great service. Alan is very easy to work with. I met Alan because he was referred to me by a couple of my clients.
Often when I look at a business, I like to learn about their social responsibility. Lifesmiles helps support their community and that's an important part of the corporate culture I'm looking to do business with.
Past Events & Promotions
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 6:00 PM Saperavi Georgian Rest., 709 Corydon Ave The Big B.A.N.G. is strictly a networking group. Show up, eat if you want, and network. No elevator pitches. No big presentations. (except a few minutes for our sponsors). No cost. Sponsor: RUTH-ANNE PENNER...
Join us for BANG! The Winnipeg Business And Networking Group This group is for business owners who are serious about: • Building new connections and relationships • Increasing market awareness • Sharing ideas • Working together to grow our local economy Purchasing lunch is not...
Business and networking group in Winnipeg, Manitoba committed to helping you to build your a strong network, reach your goals, and create lasting relationships. *Guest Speakers *Networking *Great Food *Problem Solving ***Ever Expanding Opportunities***
Top Forum Activity
Troy Goldenthal answered Biggest Challenge Of Being A Small Business Owner?
6 months ago • 2 Likes
Time and creating systems to automate functions to create more time. Prospecting is by far the heaviest for me. (more)
Troy Goldenthal answered What Is the Best Way to Market for Business Services?
3 months ago • 1 Like
I'd suggest looking for a good engagement funnel to drive qualified leads to you from whatever markets you're looking at. (more)
Troy Goldenthal answered How Do You Tell A Business Owner You Will Never Refer Them?
5 months ago • 1 Like
Be honest but gentle. "I enjoyed working with you but these are my standards for any referral and I don't make referrals unless these standards are met, as per my operational procedure. This... (more)

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