Our Ideal Customer

We are looking for customers with between 10 and 200 users who want to concentrate on their Core Business and not be concerned with the day-to-day workings of their systems. If a desktop is not working properly, we delete it and spin up another quickly. We also acknowledge that our customers are mobile and want their desktops to be as well. With this in mind, we allow BYOD (bring your own device). We are looking for people who are tired of using different versions of MSOffice, or Adobe.

About Us

We deal, primarily with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrustrure). In setting this up, we find our customers save substantially on their overall IT budget and enjoy a faster, more reliable computing environment.

Their experience is faster because, with we use a protocol called PCoIP, only the pixels on the screen change and are sent downstream from the Host. The savings are realized in several ways:

1. In almost every case the Internet a customer is currently using will work without increasing the existing bandwidth.

2. The data center we use has extremely fast connections to the Internet.

3. PCoIP, as stated earlier can, because of it's design, increases the data flow while by needing only to exchange fewer bytes of traffic.

4. We charge less/ per hour than most IT Professionals

A more reliable environment because we monitor the functioning of the Virtual desktops and make changes as needed.

5. Because the desktops are virtual, they are not as susceptible to malware, viruses and ransomware, however, if something gets through, it is removed almost immediately.

6. Everything, all data, is backed up in two different parts of the country at once, in real time.

We transition companies from physical to virtualcomputing

We sell and service the virtual desktop environment, freeing our customers to concentrate on their core business and not the technology. We offer protection from Ransome Ware, corrupted data, virus
Businesses We Recommend
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