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Anyone who would appreciate the finest quality Italian cuisine in the Triad, who would enjoy homemade pasta and fresh ingredients, and who would like to experience an authentic Italian meal.

About Us

The recipes here at Tre Nonne are inspired by the memory of Sunday dinners gone by. The fabulous cooking, family, and friendship from the three family matriarchs -The Tre Nonnes- Alice, Dolly, and Ann- inspires every meal we serve -Hearty and delicious pasta, made fresh the old way, perfectly prepared and seasoned meats, fresh salads and, of course, the delectable sauces -our own version of Sunday gravy!

Just like in their kitchens, we honor the spirit old fashioned Italian hospitality and strive to make sure you leave full –and with a smile on your face!

Help Tre Nonne End Bullying by participating in our Wine Event, sponsored by PACER, where a portion of the proceeds go to help put a stop to bullying across the country.
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Anthony Maresca from Tre Nonne Italian Restaurant
Anthony Maresca