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About Us

We are a broker. Our goal is to furnish sources of funding ideal for the financial condition and goals of the client. We are not a lender ourselves, but serve as an intermediary between the borrower and the funding source.

It is difficult to quantify the loans we can do, as they're tailored to the needs of the borrower and rarely follow any prescribed guidelines.

We work with a multitude of niche lenders, and one of our primary advantages is variety in the loans products we are able to secure; Our relationships with lenders are extensive and we pass on the benefits to our clientele.

Some Situations we have resolved in the past:

Lack of Tax Returns

Lack of Citizenship

Past Bankruptcies

Lower FICO Scores

Debt Service Coverage 1.20 (Estimated)

5+ Unit / Multi-Family / Mixed Use / Office / Retail / Warehouse

Divorce Settlements

In short, We are a "Second Chance" broker.

Please Give Me a Call if You Have Any Questions,

Stephen A. Becker

President/ CEO

Flexible Funding Inc


Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is a Loan Officer with a deal they can't place, or a Real Estate Investor looking to expand his or her portfolio.

We specialize in finding the elusive wherewithal for those challenging cash-strapped, commercial non-owner occupied properties. Stop wringing your hands and come shake mine.

Our Team
Steve Becker from Flexible Funding Inc.
Steve Becker
Products & Services

Fix & Flip Funding

Flexible Funding has the experience necessary to get your deals closed and get you paid! 85% of the Purchase Price 100% of the Rehab Costs 75% After Repair Value (LTV) Collateral: 1-4 units, Non-Owner occupied Credit Score: 600 min Experience: Prior rehab investment experience is a must
Businesses We Recommend
Landlords maxed out with equity no tax returns required we can get them money.
Honest and Hardworking
David Hill very competent loan officer
I always recommend you.Unfortunately I cannot hire you as I don't have the ability to do so. i hope all is well with you. Sincerely, Steve Becker