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About Us

A social media talk show on Facebook called Coffee with Marci. My mission is to share daily inspiration and to inspire and empower through the success stories of entrepreneurs, Dr's, authors and more.

How We Got Started

I'm an actress and have always worked in television. The schedule of a commercial actress was difficult as a mom so I decided to do something that worked with my schedule. I wanted help in the community and try to make a difference, what better way than giving a platform for others to tell their story and promote their business? Coffee with Marci gives others inspiration and a marketing tool for my guests, along with a large social media presence.

Our Ideal Customer

Someone who wants to share their story, what your business does, how you can help others and in turn will receive a social media presence and marketing tool.

Our Team
Marci Hopkins from "Coffee with Marci" Facebook Live
Marci Hopkins
Talk show host/actor
  • Wyckoff, NJ 07481