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Professionals in the dog industry including:

· Groomer

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· Behaviorist

· Obedience Trainer

· Kennel Owner

· Sitter or Walker

· Massage Therapist

· Daycare Owner

· Retail Business Owner

About Us

We LOVE dogs and since 2001, we have been involved in all-things-K9 when we founded and operated the first mobile doggie daycare service in Denver, CO.

Today, we create original content for the dog professional to help them enhance the customer experience, enrich the dog-guardian relationship and nurture brand loyalty. When people know better, they do better and when combined with your products and services, there's nothing better to grow and nurture customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

How We Got Started

We are life-long, passionate dog lovers (and owners) who also love to write content that HELPS others! We understand many dog business owners or professionals may not enjoy writing or have the time or resources. We DO and it's ALL we do!

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Obesity is a growing and deadly epidemic for our beloved K9s. Our October newsletter will teach your clients what they need to know to protect their dog and their health. Completely done-for-the-dog-professional AND branded AND includes a coupon to motivate sales.

Our Flagship Service: A Done-for-You K9 Monthly Newsletter Service

Dog Business Owners! The HOLIDAYS are coming and it's NOT too early to start reaching out regularly to your clients so they think of YOU first when it comes to shopping for gifts for their dog-owning friends! A monthly newsletter is a PAWfect and valuable way to nurture that relationship...

Customized K9 Content

Let us write exclusive and original K9 content for your dog business. Need a new direct mail piece to reach potential new clients? An eNewsletter? How about regular blog or social media posts? Business Card? Brochure or a free takeway on your website? We've got you covered!
Businesses We Recommend
We love businesses that support rescue and offer the best products for dogs and their humans!
Heart-felt mission to help people deal with the gut-wrenching challenges of pet loss.
We love those who are out on the leading edge to give our beloved pets THE best possible life!
Words DO Matter and having someone highly skilled in writing and publishing to artfully tell your story? Priceless!
A simple, yet ingenious, way of creating a boundary for your dog without a crate or gate. The brainchild of a veteran and entrepreneur looking to make a positive impact on how we interact with our beloved K9s!
Dogs + Travel? What's NOT to love?!
No one likes saying goodbye, especially to our beloved pets who love us unconditionally. These beautiful momentos help easy the pain and provide a forever reminder in their memory.
Who doesn't want the perfect dog? Get back to basics with ABC Pet Training!
THE most gorgeous leather collars embellished with beautiful and natural gemstones! Her love for jewelry and dogs shines in each handcrafted design!
Get your paws covered by Your Pawz, My Pawz and enjoy peace of mind with Michelle's extensive experience and obvious love for all creatures!
YUMMY and healthy baked goods that look SO great you'll want to eat them instead of handing them over to your dog!
Marketing genius and HUGE dog lover!
Simple, tasty AND healthy treats for man's best friend? What's NOT to like?!
We whole-heartedly stand behind people who are making a real difference in the knowledge and treatment of the animals we share this planet with on a daily basis. Thank you Lara!
Dr Cooper brings years of healthy experience (physical and emotional) and combines it with her writing and editing skills to deliver clear and empowering messages of hope and a future of living well. If you're in this industry, you couldn't ask for a better copywriter.
Simply THE best app for helping humans understand their K9 friends!
We love businesses that support our beloved pets in a natural way that promotes good health without side effects.
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Absolutely! It's your first impression of a business and if (in my humble opinion), they do not take the time and care to present themselves professionally, what would make me think they WILL be... (more)
Bobbie Abdallah answered How Do You Deal With Competition In Your Industry?
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We focus on what we do best ... it's really the only thing we can control. We also go up and beyond what any of our "competitors" might do with very personal, high-touch service. We are committed... (more)
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How about connecting with some consumer advocate organizations? They are already on your side, protecting the consumer. (more)
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Beware of any one who "guarantees" you results in SEO or any other online scenario. There is no ONE tool/process to guarantee success. A well-thought out plan and consistent implementation over... (more)
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My why is 3-pronged: my passion for dogs, my love of writing and enjoying helping people know and do better for their dogs. (more)

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