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The goal of prospecting is to create interest and convert that interest into a conversation.

Let’s get one thing straight, prospecting is a challenge. Most salespeople aren’t very good at it. Why?

Because lumping together a mix of different responsibilities (such as web lead generation, cold prospecting, closing, and account management) into one general “sales” role. This creates significant inefficiencies:

- Lack of Motivation: Experienced sales people hate to prospect, they would rather be closing.

- Lack of Focus: Even if a salesperson does do some prospecting successfully, as soon as they generate some pipeline, they become too busy to prospect. It’s not sustainable. Any individual that tries to juggle too many responsibilities, will have a much lower ability to get things done.

- Sales people have a reputation for being ADD – how does adding more responsibilities help that? For example, finding web leads is a much lower value distraction for sales people than managing current clients. And managing a large current client base is a distraction from closing new clients!

Time is a commodity that once used you can never get back.

Would you enjoy having more time to spend with your family?

If you provide top notch service, have closing skills in the top 10% of your business niche and would rather spend your time closing deals, than trying to find deals, Then you may be ready to join our exclusive inner circle of businesses that are making bank with our service. connect with us and ask if you qualify.

How We Got Started

Do you place a value value your time?

If you lost everything you could get it all back, except your time.

If you are a good closer and would rather spend more time closing deals and less time prospecting, then we should talk.

Our Ideal Customer

We are professional prospectors

If you provide top notch service, have closing skills in the top 10% of your business niche and would rather spend your time closing deals, than trying to find deals, Then you may be ready to join our exclusive inner circle of businesses that are making bank with our service. connect with us and ask if you qualify.

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Maury Kosh from The Performance Based Marketing Group
Maury Kosh
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I am a shoot from the hip kinda guy, so do not take any offence. Many of the answers you get will have an agenda... Take your money. You are not in my target prospect pool so I have no interest in... (more)
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Golden rule #1 - Know thy ideal target audience. Golden rule #2 - Master the compelling message that solves our ideal audiences pain. Golden rule #3 - Do your research, Identify the platform... (more)
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First off, I do not sell SEO services. SEO is not a gimmick, as people do actually search on Google to find products or services to solve their problems and being on the front page does help with... (more)
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Referrals are earned by giving great service and a quality product. When you have a happy customer, they will want to reciprocate and will give you a referral if you ask. If you do not ask most... (more)
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It's pretty clear you after more business. You don't need to do off the wall stuff, Guerrilla marketing does work but not really necessary for your niche. In the towing and car repair markets... (more)
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Let me ask you this.. Would you take your prized McLaren F1 for repair to a place that all there advertising said was "we fix cars for cheap" or 'We fix all makes of cars" Hellz no! So what is... (more)
Maury Kosh answered Cleaning Companies, Is It Acceptable to Reach Out to Ex...
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Heck ya.. I run campaigns for Car dealerships for just this purpose. It's called Lost client recovery. You need some really good ad copy, explain past problems have been fixed and some kind of... (more)
Maury Kosh answered How Do You Keep Your Print Advertising Alive?
3 months ago • 9 Likes • 3 Replies
I have answered very similar questions many times.. 1st off, your not in my target demographic so I have no agenda to take your money. I am about as blunt as the end of a 2x4 so do not take... (more)
Maury Kosh answered How Do You Get Social Media Marketing to Work for a Small...
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That is a very dangerous question to ask, when you are advertising yourself as a coach.. Just sayin... Marketing has rules, a flow.. Break the rules, and failure is very likely. Your question... (more)
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You need to know who your "Ideal Prospect" is before you decide Social Media is the right medium to find leads. Even your website, if you build that before you know who to target, then is your... (more)
Maury Kosh answered How Does a Seller Choose an Agent to Sell Their Home?
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What the seller finds most important and what the seller needs are very different. In every transaction there will be a collision of frames fighting for domination. As an agent, if you lose this... (more)

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