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1.5 hours of instructed foam rolling stretches

Fremont Rossiter Wellness Center
In our Rossiter foam rolling stretching class we apply the Rossiter techniques over the foam roller. Only $11 through Meetup.

Administrative Support Services
• Microsoft Office: prepare or edit documents - • Scheduler: meetings, track important deadlines - • Planner: meetings, trainings, seminars and...

A funding strategy from Kiva & Incredibles

Sedona Pies
This event has been moved to Wednesday, August 31. Many of your could really benefit to listen some alternative options....

Android Software Developers

Intelliswift Software Inc
Hire our Android Software Developers ( ) to develop multifunctional Software for business...

Animal Wellness

The Animal Chiropractor
Do you have a furry friend that loves you unconditionally? Do you want to return the favor? Before you have an emergency and don't know what...

Applied Clinical Nutrition

Sunrise Chiropractic
When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to get real answers to your health problems make an appointment and get on the road to...

Art Classes for kids and Adults

Prashanti Art Studio
We teach kids starting age 5 years to 12 years. We have 4 different course levels for K-12 and workshops for teens. Very structured curriculum...

Australian Aboriginal Fabric

Not Just Quiltz
These fabrics are designed by the Australian Aboriginal people with bold colors and patterns. Each fabric tell a story about their daily life,...

Authentic Middle Eastern food

Falafel Etc
Falafel, Shawarma, Kabob, Hummus and others. Also, check out our desserts. Full menu is on line at

Bombay Jam

Mission Peak Fitness
The program has a serious focus on integrating fun & fitness! Bombay Jam® incorporates cardio and toning routines into one action packed total body...

Boxing Boot Camps

Mission Peak Fitness
Start your morning off right - with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts of course! Go through the same conditioning top fighters go through to get an...
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