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About Us

In 2002 I was very busy building my website and taking care of my family and was looking for a way to generate an income from home. I wanted to start a home base business that I could run part time without the hassle and responsibility of running a conventional business.

When my 10 year old dog became severely ill, I consulted with Dr. Loops DVM. He recommended a unique immune modulator supplement which he was using in his practice with very good results. That product saved my dog's life and later saved me from a trip to the hospital when I came down with encephalitis.

I wanted to share my story with everyone and realized this was a golden opportunity to start a business and monetize my website. I became a member of this young Inc 500 debt-free company in Utah. In 16 years my business has expanded world-wide and is generating an income that I thought I could have only dreamed of.

I'm looking for business partners in the wellness field in the Americas, Europe, Asia, India and the Oceania and South Pacific regions. You can contact me through https://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/Forms/Bu... or call (323) 522-4521

How We Got Started

I was once a victim of the never-ending flow of propaganda from the medical establishment - which I think of as the "disease" establishment because they focus on disease rather than on prevention and wellness. In 1980 I began my journey into natural health and fully recovered my health. From that point on, overwhelmed with gratitude, I've been driven to help others recover their health and help their animals too.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customers are interested in natural, holistic health and wellness for themselves, their family and their animals.

They may also be interested in a home base business with a wellness company that has attracted a great number of renowned medical specialists and has more research and science behind their unique immune modulator products than any other product that has ever entered the network marketing industry. A well established debt-free Inc 500 company with a state-of-the-art technological support and a balanced pay plan that is fair and equitable.

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Shirley's Wellness Cafe from Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
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Do you have a health challenge or have a sick pet?

We offer visitors of http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com educational information and guidance about natural health care for people and their animals. If you need assistance you are welcome to contact me through my contact form. This is a volunteer service to help the natural health community...
Businesses We Recommend
I've known Dr. Jeannie Thomason for many years. He passion and dedication to the health and well being of animals through natural holistic care and rearing has no bound. She is the founder of The Whole Dog and The Natural Rearing Breeders Association, she a pioneer in the field of animal naturopathy, a natural rearing dog breeder of over 25 years. In her book "Natural Rearing: Breeding and Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended" Dr. Jeannie's provides practical information explaining virtually every part of natural breeding, whelping and raising a healthy litter of puppies. She explains that most puppies born today carry a plethora of health issues most of which are passed on from previous generations who have been subjected to poor nutrition, toxic chemicals, and unnatural lifestyles and she takes you to a new level of breeding and raising healthy, vital and long-lived dogs.

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