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About Us

Sacred Temple Arts offers holistic sex and relationship coaching sessions and programs to help you get the sex and love life your really want. In a relationship or not, achieving your goals and desires in both your sex and love life will improve all aspects of your life.

Our sessions and programs include:

Holistic Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching combined with

Healing Arts and Therapies including

Tantra techniques and practices plus

Energy & Bodywork to improve your sex and love life immediately!

This is what makes us so unique and more effective than other sex or marriage talk therapy. Including healing arts and therapies, such as tantra and energy/bodywork, will get to the heart of your challenges and give you radical and rapid results. Our specialty is guiding your sexual awakening and empowerment to new levels of self development, pleasure, and even ecstasy.

Sacred Temple Arts provides you with the necessary energy awakening, healing, and alignment to create a better to best sex and love life that is unique to your personal needs and sex and relationship vision. Whether you are single, married, polyamorous or exploring whatever approach to relationship works for you, we can help you get more of what you want.

Our holistic and intuitive coaching and healing work will help you to expand your energy and connection: to yourself, your body, and others. Your well being depends greatly on the state of your sex, intimacy and relationships.

By naturally increasing your sexual energy and skills, you can regenerate yourself, your relationships, and your sex.

Mastering your sexual energy can be fun and easy, at any age! This experience is for everyone, in a relationship or not.

Having better to best sex is about energy, and connection far more than effort!

Your life improves dramatically as a result of applying the same principles we teach to shift your energy and connection not just to sex, but to just about everything else in your experience. Life can be, and is meant to be, orgasmic!

Are You Ready To Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life?

Are you ready to heal the past, become more empowered, and start to experience the sex and love and life you really want? Then awakening and expanding your sexual energy and connection is paramount!

You Can Easily With Best Sex & Love Life Coaching!

Customized personal coaching sessions or classes give you the knowledge, tools, practices and experiences to ignite your sex, your love, and your entire life!

How We Got Started

I believe people deserve to have the sex and love life they truly want. Most people have sexual and relationship issues, trauma and shame that limit them from having more and better sex, and love. I help them to radically improve their lives by improving and expanding both their sex and love lives, whether they have a partner or not. It is my passion to awaken more consciousness, healing and pleasure on the planet through igniting and restoring the lost connection between sex and the sacred. Uniting sex and spirit restores peace, power and true partnership to individuals and their relationships.

Our Ideal Customer

I work with any clients over the age of 18 who are truly willing to develop and explore new pathways to getting more of what they want in their lives, through their sex, relationships and otherwise. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or relationship status, I offer a safe haven for exploration and alternative approaches to more sexual empowerment and healing.

Our Team
Sacha L. Fossa, MA, ACTE from Sacred Temple Arts
Sacha L. Fossa, MA, ACTE
Holistic Sexual Empowerment Coaching & Healing Arts Therapies
Products & Services

Best Sex & Love Life Coaching Sessions & Programs

In person or virtual sessions, programs, classes, and workshops for individuals and couples, gift certificates available. Our sessions and programs include: Holistic Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching Healing Arts and Therapies, including Tantra techniques and practices plus Bodywork to...

Spring Special: Learn Tantra Easily & Privately From Your Own Home!

LEARN TANTRA. BECOME A MASTERFUL LOVER NOW! PARTNERED OR NOT. These Personal Enrichment Educational Classes Provide You With The Keys You Need To Have The Sex and Love Life You Really Want. Learn ancient and modern Tantra, as part of this cutting edge sex education and relationship techniques...
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Just moved to town and discovered this is where I will be going for all my hair and esthetician needs! Hair coloring and product are all natural or organic, too!
Melissa was a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional service and ease in helping me find my new home!
Past Events & Promotions
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Would you like to ignite more sexual energy in your body as a woman? Or in your female lover? To become, or help them become, more orgasmic easily and naturally? This specialty session offers the keys to female sensual and sexual healing, awakening, and pleasure. This is a class to delve into...
Would you like to ignite more sexual energy in your body? Become more orgasmic easily and naturally? Want more orgasmic living, just by being you? This class offers the keys to female sensual and sexual healing, awakening, and pleasure. Especially in times like these, for women to deepen...
Especially in times like these, for women to deepen their connection to their own pleasure centers is vital, individually and collectively. This is a class for women to understand more about themselves, their bodies, (especially their vulva’s), and how to increase their pleasure, in and out of...

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