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Jenny Carlson from StreamLine Agents, Inc.
Jenny Carlson from StreamLine Agents, Inc. wrote
Hi Freida, I don't need assistance with relocation. The question was for others and whether anyone else has questions. I find that some do tend to come up during a transaction with a relo compan... (more)
Titus Glenn from Titus Glenn
Titus Glenn from Titus Glenn wrote
You have to know what you are doing with them...personally I wouldn't use them until you have developed your own following (more)
Hamza Siddiqui from Accunity
Hamza Siddiqui from Accunity wrote
They are a great way to generate leads but depending on who you target and what content your targeting them with. I have used Facebook Ads before and it certainly is growing in usage, But that brin... (more)
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