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Jason Cremasco from Three Squared Contracting wrote
Not easy Answer ! But there are somethings can do to help. You must Screen them it is best to screen a few people 5-10 people. 1. Work history had had the same employer for a year or more. 2... (more)
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Jodie Simpson from Sandcastle Vacations wrote
Hi Lori, Interestingly enough, we have seen our highest bookings to Europe in a first quarter than ever before, including 2 large groups. The difference we have noticed however is how far in advanc... (more)
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Harry Geatros from Amsoil Synthetic Oils Independent Dealer/STG Services wrote
It's 100% about the customer service, you must always be willing to go the extra mile and that will take you the distance. It can't always be about the dollar, if the customer service is above the ... (more)
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