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Written Aug 07, 2017

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Book launch

JM Career Consulting • Saturday Jul 14th 9am-11am, 2018
64 Tips to Get Employed and Stay Employed is a book written and designed to assist the individual with how to Stay Employed regardless of the current economic perspective.

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Financial Freedom

While other financial institutions focus on the wealthy only with a limited goal; I am able to help and coach hard working families and even business owners to reach their own financial freedom via education and customized financial needs analysis!! I am also a recruiter and always on the look...

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Marla Chalnick from Marla Chalnick, PhD, LPC
Marla Chalnick from Marla Chalnick, PhD, LPC answered:
Dear Sean, I've been at this self employment way or working for many years. It seems no matter how good you are at what you do, there are times you feel like you're treading water, worse still going out of business! If anyone tells you it doesn't happen to them,they're in denial! What my years have taught me is not to take it too seriously. F... (more)

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Rachel Weisberg from RACHEL WEISBERG
Rachel Weisberg from RACHEL WEISBERG wrote:
We strive to create a connection between designer and client that is frequently lacking in today’s market. (more)

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Ascent Seven Innovation, LLC, Asheville NC
Chris Evans from Ascent Seven Innovation, LLC
Asheville NC • Other
We utilize current technology and equipment to meet your unique fabrication needs. Listening to your ideas and working with you to develop a design and product of excellence in a timely manner.
Joined on Aug 14, 2017

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