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“ Great guy. Very professional. He really knows what he is doing. I highly recommend Kenroy Grant as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Michae... ”
Written Aug 18, 2017

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Custom Design Package

Stassia B Designs • Wednesday Aug 23rd - Sep 21st
Hello Everyone! I'm Stassia & I offer design/branding services at an affordable price. I run SB Designs (formerly Stassia B Designs) which is located in Atlanta, GA (but I provide services throughout the U.S.). I am currently running a new special all special all summer long: $299 Design Package...

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Born With Money Ent
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Monica Botn from Palmer House and Associates LLC
Monica Botn from Palmer House and Associates LLC answered:
Someone who truly listens and understands my thick hair. Someone who can maximize what my hair offers and bring out the best. It's difficult now a days to find a styllist who actually blow dries a style into the hair--- that's my biggest final concern. (more)

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Jeffrey Schmidt from Authomate INC
Jeffrey Schmidt from Authomate INC wrote:
If you are a business that wants to increase security and reduce the risk of compromised credentials (passwords), a d want a safe to manage, share, and contain access, then you should be talking to us. (more)

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Aliera Healthcare, Atlanta GA
German Hernandez from Aliera Healthcare
Atlanta GA • Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Centers
Healthcare Redefined The Healthcare You Deserve At Affordable Prices for Everyone We Offer: Minimum Essential Coverage Plans Employee Advantage Plans Voluntary Benefits Employee Incentive Programs Benefits of Aliera Healthcare Plans & Programs Patient Centered Healthcare All of our health pro...
Joined on Aug 19, 2017

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