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James Moss from US Global Marketing Group wrote
Do you know the difference between Marketing and Advertising? Click here to learn more: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jLPpdmkNGNwbLXcoIdeU9nFQSgGXSXvynw/view?usp=sharing (more)
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Kimberly Sellars Bates from KSTB Enterprises LLC wrote
Word of mouth. Let your friends, colleagues and if possible, your ex-employer know what you are doing. They will tell others and pretty soon you will be swamped with work. I don't advertise but my ... (more)
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AL N. MCBEE from elite40retreat wrote
I have worked in corporate gyms and i see how their ABC billing was costing me money. Clients being charged twice- Their paying in house and still being charged on their cc. Clients cancelled and s... (more)
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