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Isaac Belden from 12B Capital
Isaac Belden from 12B Capital wrote
I try to avoid dealing with my competition. We dedicate our time to running an honest operation focused on our clients. (more)
Dave Green from Northend.org
Dave Green from Northend.org wrote
I recommend either Squarespace or a WordPress hosted website. Both have intuitive interfaces and are low cost. Both also have a great selection of templates and great customer service. No tools, do... (more)
Leslie Atkinson from Leslie Atkinson Inc.
Leslie Atkinson from Leslie Atkinson Inc. wrote
Rick, I have found that Linked In helps me in my specific industry and niche (i.e. nuclear NQA-1 and ISO-9001). My quality consulting services is not typically local to Boise. There is a search cri... (more)
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