Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is anyone of any age who wants to look and feel better about themselves. Currently, our most popular services are hair for women between the ages of 35 & 65, however we would like to expand that significantly.

About Us

We are a premiere salon and spa located in the prestigious Lake Norman area just north of Charlotte, NC. Our mission statement: "To ensure first quality service in a professional atmosphere through caring, constant learning and teamwork" Pat Helmandollar, president

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Receive 20% off any 50 minute or higher massage, when you mention this ad. Start NOW. Don't wait until August 26! You may reserve your massage online, yourself by visiting our website: www.savvysalonanddayspa.com
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During October, Aveda donates the extra proceeds for Hand Relief directly toward breast cancer awareness. There is extra product in the container along with a little higher price-tag, but that is all for breast cancer. Come in and shop.

We Love Bridal Parties

Featured in this photo is a bridal party with lovely hair & make up. They are all wearing Pink Pewter hairbands, which we also have. You may reach out to us at WWW.SAVVYSALONANDDAYSPA.COM

Hair, Nails, Skin & Massage

Great for yourself or for your friends, family or co-workers. Check us out online at www.savvysalonanddayspa.com

September 2017 Special Offer

Get rid of that old dry summer skin in September, bu taking advantage of this offer.
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Pat Helmandollar answered I Just Wanted to Know What Do You Do When You Get IRS...
17 days ago • 13 Likes • 2 Replies
It depends upon the question. I would go to the CPA first. Normally, there are simple answers that can be answered, but if there is an audit involved, the accountant is your best friend in my... (more)
Pat Helmandollar answered What Is The Best Way To Market A Salon/Spa To Set Myself...
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Linda, The answer is simple. Be creative. Creativity is defined as determining what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. (more)
Pat Helmandollar answered What's The Best Place To Promote Your Salon?
5 months ago • 2 Likes
Our software, Salonbiz, tracks our referral sources and the #1 way we get new guests is through referral. Online, through our website, is #2. We use social media, e-blasts and in-house promotions... (more)
Pat Helmandollar answered Does Anyone Know the Details of How Plastic Gift Cards...
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I prefer the gift certificates because it is easier to specify, in writing, what you are giving. My software, however, has the option to process and print gift cards. Check out Salonbiz. ... (more)
Pat Helmandollar answered How Do I Market My Skin Care Business?
3 months ago
Staying connected and engaged is helpful. While your service needs to be good, facials are available everywhere, except online!!! it is all about how much they like "you". Once you get one... (more)

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