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About Us

Anna Weber, the Founder of Successfully Published, has worked diligently to earn the unique title of Literary Strategist. For close to two decades she has offered a special kind of strategic support to debut authors who find themselves overwhelmed and immobilized by myriad tasks of writing, publishing and marketing a book to their ultimate goal: being successfully published.

Successfully publish serves sassy and savvy entrepreneurs who want to join her in being emerging thought leaders and influencers in life... helping them as writers - at all levels of becoming successfully published - to convey their messages through books. There has never been a better time to write a book, nor a more critical time to deliver transformational, creative, and influential messages of wisdom and expertise.

How We Got Started

As a life and business strategy coach, with a Master's in Organizational Management and a study in the Dynamics of Human Change, I struggled with clients trying to find a way to manage the economic roller coaster entrepreneurs faced. Viola! The answer was right there in front of me - help them write, publish and market books that profiled their expertise, shortened the learning curve of those who followed in their footsteps, transform the lives of those whose problems their unique mastery could change, and build a passive revenue in the process. Thus... Successfully Published and Voices In Print Publishing were created and my life purpose became evident.

Our Ideal Customer

There has never been a better time to write a book... and everyone who has a mastery in a particular area and can identify the biggest problem they are able to solve and want to experience more visibility for the work they do... will have an interest in putting their voices in print to be an emerging thought leader and influencer. My ideal client understands there are people who "need" what they have to say and have a burning passion and commitment to fill that need - with their wisdom, expertise and heart for service. They believe enough in their message they are open to the investment of time and resources to make it happen and reap rewards possible professionally and financially.

Our Team
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Anna Weber
Literary Strategist
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At the end of July, a limited number of inspired writers will have the privilege to gather together for three days dedicated just to... our words. I am so eager to create this time with other writers! I recently experienced a couple of different writers conferences myself, but what I found in my...
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