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About Us

15000 square feet of indoor dog space, with 5000 square feet of rubber dog flooring for Dog Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Training. Dog Training techniques of Veronica Stillwell, Dr. Ian Dunbar. Grooming/bathing, Daycare, Dog Treats, Dog Food, Dog Toys.

How We Got Started

There is a real need for an indoor dog park space when the temperature hits 90+ degrees. We felt we needed to provide it and do well to expand the offering here in Jacksonville. So far, people love not dealing with mosquitos or yellow flies.

Our Ideal Customer

is someone who needs a place with trained staff and space for their dog to run and socialize with other dogs. With HD Cameras, you can watch your dog(s). Indoor dog daycare and cameras in boarding too.

Our Team
Jack Bobeck from Happy Hound Dog Resorts
Jack Bobeck
Products & Services

Dog Training

At Happy Hound Dog Resorts we offer Basic and Intermediate Dog Obedience Training as well as a K9 for Kidz and Puppy Class. More classes available for advanced dogs.

Retail products

Happy Hound Dog Resorts will now be offering a wide assortment of Collars, Leashes, and toys. Come in and sample some of our dog food in the form of samples, treats, as well as other great items. Walk out with some samples of cookies and crackers for your dog.

Dog Daycare

Have you ever come home from a long day of work, only to find your $300 pair of shoes being eaten by your dog? While you had your fun at work, your dog took out their anxiety on your shoes. This could have all been resolved with a visit to Happy Hound Dog Resorts with a day of exercise, learning...

Dog Boarding

The overnight boarding of your dog when you go off on vacation or when you need a break from your dog. We can take care of the boarding and caring of "Man's Best Friend"

Dog Grooming

Face it, we as humans, we need to groom ourselves, but does what does your dog do for grooming, besides lick him or her self? Ewwwww, at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we provide baths, hair cuts, trims and all kinds of personal services for your loved one. No need to lick.
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Lost Found Pets Jacksonville and North Florida
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Past Events & Promotions
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Dogs were not bred to sit at home on the bed or sofa, so when you get home after a long day, they want to do some work, and they want to go outside, but you are too tired from work. Now you can take care of your dog and both of you work at the same time. Dog Daycare at Happy Hound Dog Resorts...
Arf Barket is one of the largest outdoor dog events in Jacksonville and it takes place under the Fuller Warren Bridge of I-95 along the St. Johns River. Free Dog Items, bring your dog on a leash, walk around and enjoy the event, music and meet all of our wonderful staff at Happy Hound Dog Resorts
Happy Hound Dog Resorts is proud to offer a free night every week this fall, from September through December, for all owners of dogs to come in and check out our facility for 2 hours, 7-9 PM. We will have agility equipment setup along with our other new playground equipment. Check out our new...
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