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I have always been fascinated with businesses and an admirer of business owners. However, many business owners do not consider establishing a relationship with a company such as ours until they are ready to sell their business. It is actually never too early to do so, though. In fact, by getting to know you now, we will be in a better position to help you optimize the value of your business when you are ready to sell. Alternatively, we can also keep you informed of any opportunities to expand your current business by acquiring another company. Therefore, I'd welcome the opportunity to get together with you, learn about your business, and hopefully begin what I hope will be the start of a long-term relationship.

About Us

I work with Florida Business Exchange, Inc. and we help bring together buyers and sellers of privately owned businesses. We work with business owners and prospective business owners alike providing confidential Business Valuations and Consulting, Business Sales, Buyer Searches, Franchising Options, and Commercial and Investment Property Opportunities.

How We Got Started

Having counseled business owners throughout my career as an investment advisor and business consultant, on everything from employee benefits and financial matters to increasing sales and customer service issues, this was a natural extension of the assistance that I also wanted to be able to provide.

Assisting Buyers and Owners of "Main Street" Businesses

Please don't hesitate to contact me for assistance if you are considering buying a business, strategies to grow an existing business, or selling your business. Alternatively, I am always looking to expand my referral network, so please consider connecting with me today and getting together in the...
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