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Linda Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET from FIT Training- Fitness coaching | Company Well-being programs| Cancer Exercise Prescriptions wrote
Dear Shwetha, I have been hosting workshops, talks and events for decades, and things sure have changed! The other posters are right, you really need to know 1- who's your target as their schedu... (more)
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Mark Krom from harborview electric inc wrote
We have tried them all. I most cases they give the leads to multiple contractors and the first one that contacts the customer usually wins. You are charged the fee anyway. We found that many leads ... (more)
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Tara Meeker from Tara Meeker - Creative Director wrote
Thanks for the feedback guys! I don't need anything in particular now, the question was more to spark a "what's worked for you" conversation so business owners could share their experiences. Can yo... (more)
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