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About Us

QuanTEM Laboratories has been servicing Environmental Professionals throughout the United States as well as many foreign countries for almost 30 years.

Several years ago QuanTEM opened QuanTEM Food Safety Laboratories to serve the food industry in helping to maintain safe food stocks for all of us.

Today QuanTEM is a well respected environmental laboratory and has build it's reputation on providing our customers with the absolute best customer service in the industry.

Our Ideal Customer

We work with many clients across the nation. Most of which are consultants that collect samples for asbestos, lead, mold & bacteria.

Our Team
Cristal Veech from QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
Cristal Veech
John Barnett from QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
John Barnett
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Is mold affecting you, your employees, or your clients? Learn more about mold in this 3 day intense class on how to take samples, interpret data, and eliminate mold!
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3 day course on how to complete a mold investigation of a building. Basic course needed for Mold Investigator Certification