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“ Jason has been this game for a long time now and has developed the skill and more importantly the patience required for desirable risk adjusted ret... ”
Written Sep 16, 2017

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The Cleaning Mart
Envirocare Neutral (ph=7) Disinfectant, Quat Plus TB and Purell Hand Sanitizer. For home and work place to keep your family, customers and staff germ free this flu season. Get ahead of the game and pick up yours today!

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Kim Stix from Truebridge Foods
Kim Stix from Truebridge Foods answered:
For food service, if it's something that the chef uses, the chef is the best person to promote what ever you're selling. If they like it, then they'll recommend it to their chef friends. Chefs are our biggest promoters. (more)

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Rod Atwood from Websnoogie, LLC
Rod Atwood from Websnoogie, LLC wrote:
We are looking for customers who have websites or need email services that are tired of the hassles and spending too much. (more)

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Justus M. Decher from Myvitalz
Justus M. Decher from Myvitalz
Omaha NE • Medical Services
Powered by Qualcomm’s 2Net Hub, MyVitalz™ is a secure cloud-based, in-home monitoring. By providing solutions that connect care providers to the patient via mHealth technologies, MyVitalz™ puts the focus of care where it belongs: on the patient. And because patients take their own vital signs...
Joined on Sep 19, 2017

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